What our feet have to do with speaking

grounded when speaking

Over the last week, I’ve had several conversations with people regarding their feet…in relation to speaking.

Hmm, have I lost the plot?…Well some would say that that happened some time ago(!), but in relation to speaking, it is important to not undervalue our dear feet. The reason for this is that getting connected to our feet is a quick and effective way to connect to our body, and when we’re more connected to our body we can speak more successfully. Getting connected to our feet makes us more grounded.

Here are two recent quotes from clients of mine:

“I had a slight wobble at the start and really felt into my feet and that was it, boom, there was no stopping me.”

“When I stood I grounded myself to the floor and I read the reading really slow. It felt amazing to be in control.”

When we feel nervous, we tend to move up into our head. We can easily get shut off from our body. Problems with this include, losing our train of thought, having a voice that’s weak or shaky, rushing through what we are saying, the list goes on. In simple terms we speak from within our body, and if we can have our body working with us rather than either ignoring it, or working against it, then we can speak with more clarity and confidence. I tend to tackle this by getting people to connect from the top down with a body scan, or bottom up from their feet.

It is as simple as standing up, feeling the weight evenly distributed across both feet and noticing your feet on the ground or in your shoes.

Try it out and let me know!


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Linda Coyle is a Speech and Language Therapist and is the founder of Voice Capitalisation. Through this Linda assists people in strengthening their vocal ability while developing a confident and charismatic voice to be able to handle all speaking situations.

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