The gift of the gab: Is it something we’re born with?

The Collins dictionary says that if someone has the gift of the gab, they are able to speak easily and confidently, and to persuade people. While kissing the Blarney stone is an option, for those who don’t feel confident when it comes to speaking up, or are debilitated by glossophobia, it can feel like it’s either something you have or don’t have. But, that’s simply not true. While some people are comfortable speaking in any situation, most of us experience varying degrees of nerves when it comes to public speaking. As Mark Twain said, “There are only two types of speakers in the world- the nervous and the liars!”

The key is to figure out what’s getting in your way with speaking confidently and then know what to do. A big part of that is getting to know what you’re afraid of…it seems counter intuitive, but it is very much the case of ‘Feel the fear and say it anyway!’

Instead of saying I feel nervous, say, I feel excited.

Reframe nervous as excited

The interesting thing is that you don’t need to feel confident in order to speak confidently…and if we get stuck with that fantasy, (for want of a better word), then we’re bound to get stuck. One simple idea is to reframe fear as excited. This is but one practical idea which I’ve covered in my 5 day e-course on speaking with confidence.



I developed this e-course based on tried and tested tools and techniques that I’ve used with many of my clients who I’ve seen either one to one, or at my workshops. Click here to find out more about the e-course ‘Speak with confidence in only 5 days, and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, and all things Irish, I’m offering a 25% discount on Simply type the code: PADDYS18 at the checkout. Offer is only available until 23rd March, so sign up quick!


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Linda Coyle is a Speech and Language Therapist and is the founder of Voice Capitalisation. Through this Linda assists people in strengthening their vocal ability while developing a confident and charismatic voice to be able to handle all speaking situations.

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