Speak with Confidence 5 day ecourse

Fear of public speaking can really hold us back in our professional and personal lives. I offer a speak with confidence online course which helps you to overcome your fear of public speaking. This is a 5 day course, but you can work on this at your own pace. It’s based on my one to one work with clients who have a fear of public speaking, so the techniques are tried and tested!

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Speak Brilliantly 1 to 1 programmes

Whether you have a fear of public speaking, want to take your presentation skills to the next level, or struggle with speaking up in conflict situations,  then I can help.

Fear of public speaking

When we have a fear of public speaking it can become a really entrenched problem. On one level you try to rationalise it, “It’s not really a problem,” and at the same time, you can feel crippled by it, “I can’t do it.” Having a fear of public speaking is real. I focus on making this intangible problem tangible.

Engaging presentation or pitching skills

Some people who come to me are confident speakers but want to deliver a presentation or pitch that really creates an impact. Often we can get caught up in the content of what we’re presenting, and not focus on how we’re delivering it. This means that we can be presenting with our needs in mind and be less aware of how we come across to our listeners. So by working together, we can quickly hone your skills to deliver an amazing presentation!

 Speaking up in a conflict situation

None of us like conflict situations, but when we’re passionate about something, we want to have our voice heard. I empower people to be able to deliver their message powerfully and assertively.


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I  offer workshops to organisations and businesses, and a common challenge for participants is fear of public speaking. Working with others in a group is a fun and effective way to try out skills to help you to speak with confidence, along with being a great opportunity to network with others.