Does it matter to your listeners if your voice is hoarse? 

Linda Coyle

Listeners need to work harder to listen to a hoarse voice.

Does it matter to your listeners if you voice is hoarse? 

The short answer is yes! Some research conducted by Evitts and colleagues in 2016  found that while being hoarse didn’t affect how well someone was understood, it created more work for the listeners. When faced with a hoarse voice, it took the listeners more time to process what was said, and they more frequently misheard what the person had said. This issue is even more pronounced when it comes to children, as it has been found that children have more difficulty understanding a hoarse voice than a healthy voice, and that even a mildly hoarse voice can have an effect. In a world where attention spans are shrinking rapidly, and there are plenty of other distractions to compete with, the last thing you need is to add another one! So, if you are a professional voice user, i.e. someone who relies on their voice for their job, and your voice is not humming, do something about it…And here is one thing you can do!


Sign up to my mailing list, and get a free ‘Voice Health Check Questionnaire’. I have one for Trainers and Educators, and one for Professional Phone Users, so if you are a recruiter or work in sales, then this one is for you. I have also put together tips on how to take care of your voice. For a limited time, you can also access a free recording of my webinar, ‘Preventing Voice Burn-out for Trainers and Educators’ which I ran for World Voice Day on 16th April.

Reflections on ‘being present’ at Women’s Inspire Network Conference #WIN17Dublin, Oct. 10th

Linda Coyle

Speaking at Women’s Inspire National Event Oct. 2017

The #WIN17Dublin event by the Women’s Inspire network was a truly inspiring meeting of positive energy, support and expertise from a wide range of women and men…and I felt very privileged to be part of it! In this post, I’m reflecting on two moments of presence during the day. The first was a body awareness experience that I led during my talk on ‘Public speaking: Feel the fear and say it anyway’. A key focus of my talk was about how important it is to connect with our body in order to speak with confidence. The irony is that we need to tune into sensations within our body which to our judging mind can feel quite unpleasant in order to come across as confident.

So, what did I do? I talked us through a body scan, in which we started at the top of our body and slowly scanned down through our body…just noticing…observing…not judging…What was amazing was as we did this exercise, the energy in the room shifted. It’s hard to describe in words, but it’s like everything ‘dropped’ and there was a sense of stillness, which continued to linger in the air for a couple of seconds after I had finished speaking. While I’ve done this exercise numerous times before, in one to one sessions and with small groups, I’ve never done it on such a grand scale, and the energy shift was palpable. Becoming present in our bodies is great for us in its own right, it is also something that we can apply to day to day situations, particularly situations which we find challenging, such as public speaking, or dealing with a conflict.

Having spoken in the morning, I had the rest of the day to take in a range of amazing speakers, as well as dip into the Chill zone led by Dolores Andrew-Gavin (@irishhealthhour). I particularly enjoyed the chance to experience being in a musical moment during a workshop with Catherine Dunphy (@magicofmusic), as she creatively engaged us in making music….it didn’t matter where on the scale you saw yourself in terms of your musicality, all scales were welcome! You can catch a glimpse of it below!

Finally,  I’m really grateful for all the positive feedback that I got from my presentation, and that people were easily able to apply what they had learned…There were several comments of feeling ‘excited’ or even, ‘really really excited!’ about speaking. What’s all that about? Read more here! Also, thank you to Lisa Kelly (@lisa_myapp_ie)  for including me as one of her favourite 4 from the conference.







LEO Waterford National Women’s Enterprise Day event

Linda Coyle

I’m really excited to be kickstarting the Waterford National Women’s Enterprise day event on Thursday 12th October with a fun, practical and interactive ‘Speak with Impact’ workshop. During the session we will explore what gets in the way of speaking with confidence, look at how important listening is to connecting, and why women are particularly strong at this, along with learning simple tools to help you to come across as the competent person you are.

There are some great speakers lined up for the evening, so it’s not to be missed! Read more about this great event here.

National Women’s Enterprise Day, #NWED

Women’s Inspire Network National Event, Self-care in business, 10th October 2017

Linda Coyle

I’m delighted to be a speaker at the forthcoming Women’s Inspire Network National Event, ‘Self-care in business‘ on Tuesday 10th October at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport. The tile of my talk is, ‘Feel the fear and say it anyway!’ I’m looking forward to meeting lots of inspiring women…and the occasional man!

Speakers at self care in business, Women’s Inspire Network


Expert Voice consulting successful communication


Linda Coyle

Speak with impact workshop, Celtic Ross, March 2017

Speak with Impact Training for Women in Business

May 2017 Workshop + 1-to-1 Skype sessions.

Do you need to engage, lead and/or influence others in your job?
Does your voice let you down?

Then my Speak with Impact workshops will help…

This workshop, designed specifically for women in business, focuses on:

Body awareness: this is the starting point for effective communication…becoming aware of what is going on in your body and what you do with your body when you’re talking.

What you say: looking at the content of what you say, the words that you use, and how you construct your message.

How you say it: focusing on how to use your voice effectively so that you can speak with clarity and confidence in any situation.

Thoughts and feelings: Becoming more aware of how thoughts and feelings affect how you speak and what to do about it.

Book in to my next Speak with Impact Workshop for Women in Business
When: Thursday 25th May from 2-5pm
Where: Bru Columbanus, Wilton, Co.Cork.
Price: €90

This includes a place in the workshop and a 30 minute one to one Skype Coaching session that happens 2-3 weeks after the workshop.


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