Expert voice consulting

for successful communication

Do you need to use your voice to lead, teach, influence others?

Does it feel like hard work?

Then I can help!

Speak with confidence, public speaking

Speak with confidence, presentation skills

I’m a voice therapist, and I’m passionate about enabling you to speak brilliantly! As a music therapist and speech and language therapist, joining the dots between body, mind and voice is my passion, and is key to you speaking with success.

I help people to speak more confidently, with more clarity, using a strong vibrant voice. I work with a wide range of people, and am particularly focused on the needs of women in business, based on appreciation of the unique challenges that women face in the workplace, and with juggling their many demands!


  Confident Clarity

Speak with confidence

Whether you have a fear of public
speaking, want to take your
presentation skills to the next level,
or struggle with speaking up in
conflict situations, then I can help.

Vibrant Voice

For speakers who want to know how
to keep their voices healthy so that
it meets the demands of their job. if
your voice isn’t up to scratch, then
you can’t do your job properly.

Confident clarity workshops

Over the last number of years Linda Coyle

has helped people who:

Don’t feel confident in certain speaking situations

Have difficulty speaking up in conflict situations

Are not being heard in meetings

Have difficulty giving presentations

Lose their train of thought, or go blank in stressful situations

Have voice issues

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